2017 program information


Newton Community Farm is pleased to offer a weekly fruit share in conjunction with Autumn Hills Orchard in Groton, MA. Each weekly share consists of a five pound (approximate) bag  of apples, though the share may occasionally include pears or grapes. As with all things agricultural, what is available is highly dependent on the particular growing conditions of each season.

Sign up:   Click  2017 Fruit Share Enrollment Form

Due by:   The completed form and check must be received at Newton Community Farm by 2 pm Wednesday, August 16th.

Cost:   $80 per share for eight deliveries.

Duration:  Eight weeks, starting  August 23 and ending October 12.

Pick-up:  Shares should be picked up at Newton Community Farm in the CSA bay of the barn on Wednesdays or Thursdays between 2 and 7 pm. Fruit will be held until 7 pm Thursday. After Thursday evening, unclaimed shares will be forfeited and donated to a food pantry.

Growing Methods:

Autumn Hills Orchard is not organic. They use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to control insects and diseases. IPM seeks to reduce the frequency and amount of spraying by vigilant scouting so that pests can be sprayed at the moment in their life cycle when they are most vulnerable. IPM also seeks to control damage rather than eradicate pests, allowing them to use less sprays. IPM can dramatically reduce the amount of spraying required to grow high quality fruit in a climate like New England. This method reduces the harm caused by many sprays to the environment, orchard workers, beneficial insects, and the end consumer. It should not, however, be confused with organic.

About Autumn Hills Orchard:

Autumn Hills Orchard is a working farm in historic Groton, Massachusetts about 45 miles northwest of Newton.  The farm produces more than 25 varieties of apples, peaches, pears, plums, grapes, and raspberries.  For more than ten years, Autumn Hills has partnered with local CSA programs to provide weekly shares in the late summer through the fall.  Share contents vary by week over the season but are primarily apples with other fruit varieties based on availability.   The fruit varieties may include Concord grapes, Italian plums, Bartlett pears, and Bosc pears.  Apple varieties may include: Paula Red, Ginger Gold, Macintosh, Cortland, Red Cort, Empire, Golden Delicious, Matsu, Cox’ Orange Pippin, Spencer, Rhode Island Greening, Macoun, Kendall, SpiGold, Northern Spy, Sun Crisp, Red Delicious, Fuji, and Braeburn.

Come visit and pick your own apples from September through October.  CSA customers who visit during that time will receive a special welcome and tour.