2017 Summer CSA Sharer Work Requirement –

Click form to log your work hours (during growing season:  weekly sharers/10 hours,  alternate week sharers/5 hours).  Thank you!



Enrollment for NCF’s 2017 summer program is now closed!  

Thank you for your interest and support!  Check back next January for information


FOR REFERENCE  – Please see below for information about NCF’s 2017 summer CSA program.

2016 CSA sharers (summer and late fall) can enroll from January 16th to January 29th.   Newton residents can apply for the remaining shares (to be allocated by lottery) from January 30th to February 26th

Click  Enrollment Form – NCF 2017 Summer CSA Program  to download the enrollment form.  Mailing instructions, prices, and other information are included on the form.

Click NCF Friend of Farm Form to download form to sign up as Friend of Farm (must be a FoF to enroll in CSA program).


Click NCF 2017 Summer CSA Program Policy  for information.

If you enjoy eating locally-grown delicious  fresh produce, then consider signing up for our 2017 summer CSA program.

* At the beginning of each growing season, CSA participants purchase a `share’ of the upcoming produce, which helps the farm cover a substantial portion of the costs of our agricultural operations. In return, NCF provides participants with a supply of sustainably grown, fresh vegetables and herbs each week throughout the farm season.

* We have the equivalent of 80 weekly shares available. Some of our participants enroll for alternate week shares, which means they pick up produce every other week. Other participants enroll for a weekly share for their family or else they split the full share with another friend or family (or two!).

* See below for more information about the application process, program structure, work commitment, and produce.

Program Duration and Prices:

* Our 2017 CSA program will run from June through October.  NCF’s Farm Manager will contact sharers with the program’s start and end dates.

* A weekly share costs $625 and an alternate week share costs $338, the same price as in 2016.  This is comparatively a bargain given the rise in produce prices in grocery stores!

Application and Payment:

* Completed forms and checks must be received at NCF (mail or drop off) by the due dates (see below) for consideration in each phase. Click Enrollment Form – NCF 2017 Summer CSA Program to download the application.  Mailing instructions, prices, and other information are included on the form.

* All applicants have to be a Friend of the Farm ($45 for individual level and $70 for family level) to apply for a CSA share.  For a description of the benefits and the enrollment form, please go to the following link on our website:  Friend of the Farm Information.   Those who are not already Friends must submit an enrollment form along with non-refundable payment (please send separate check).  Please note you have been automatically enrolled as a FoF if you donated in the above amounts or more since the Fall Appeal letter went out in November 2016.


Phase 1a:   Monday, January 16 –Sunday, January 29 (due date) for 2016 CSA Sharers  

Re-enrollment for 2016 CSA participants (summer and late fall) who wish to return.  2016 sharers who do not re-enroll during this period can still apply for a 2017 share by participating in the lottery in Phase 2 or the general enrollment process in Phase 3 as noted below.   Applications with payment must be received at the farm by the due date.

Phase 1b:  Monday, January 30 –  Sunday, February 5 (due date!) for 2017 waiting list names 

NCF’s Farm Manager will contact the individuals who put their names on the 2017 CSA program waiting list during the 2016 CSA application process.  Contact will be made in order of the names on the list until all the remaining shares are sold or until the Farm Manager reaches the last name on the list.  Interested residents will have until Sunday, February 5 to submit a completed application with payment to the Farm Manager (must be received on the farm by the due date)

Phase 2:  Monday, January 30 – Sunday, February 26 (due date) for Newton Residents

General enrollment for Newton residents.  Applications will be accepted from Newton residents only.  At the end of this period, NCF will hold a lottery to select as many new participants as we have shares available.  The lottery will be random, with no preference given for when the application is received before the due date.  To participate in the lottery, we must receive your CSA enrollment application along with payment (checks will be returned to those who we cannot accommodate) and a Friend of the Farm form for 2017 for those who are not already friends.   Applications are due at the farm by the due date.  We will notify all applicants by Tuesday, February 28 as to whether or not they were selected in the lottery.

Phase 3:   Monday, February 27 until CSA is full; for Newton Residents and General Public

In the event there are remaining shares available after Phase 2, we will accept applications from Newton and non-Newton residents on a first come, first serve basis until we are full.  Phase 3 will end when all of the shares are sold.  Newton residents who do not get a share in the 2017 program by the end of Phase 3 will  be given an opportunity to sign up for the 2018 CSA Program waiting list.


Newton Community Farm grows most of the produce distributed in the CSA.   Some crops require more space than our modest site allows so we supplement the CSA shares with potatoes and winter squash from a local partner farm.  We also purchase non-organic sweet corn from Massachusetts farms for our CSA.  CSA participants share in the bounty of the farm, and also the risk.  While we have confidence that we will meet our production goals, growing vegetables always involves a certain amount of uncertainty, and quantities may vary week to week, season to season.

Weekly Share:

$625 per share.  Sharers come to the farm once a week to pick up vegetables. Shares include some pick-your-own (PYO) crops such as peas, beans, cherry tomatoes, and herbs. Share size varies throughout the season. At the height of the season (Aug-Sept) a typical week might include: 1 bunch roots crop (carrots or beets); 2 bunches of greens (changing selection); 1 bunch of herbs (basil, cilantro, dill, or parsley); 1 eggplant; 4 bell peppers; hot peppers; 3 pounds of potatoes; 2 summer squash or zucchini; 5  or more pounds of tomatoes; 1 pint PYO cherry tomatoes; 8 ears of corn; 1 quart PYO beans; PYO herbs (separate from bunched herbs listed above).

Alternate Week Share:

$338 per alternate week share.  For people who find that our weekly shares are too much food to eat in a week.  Participants pick up a full share of produce every other week during the season. When you enroll please carefully select a starting week, as this will put you on an alternating week schedule for the rest of the summer.  We strive to give everyone their choice of starting dates, but need to balance the harvest week to week, so your assigned starting date will be on a first-come-first-served basis.  Like the weekly share, this share includes some pick-your-own (PYO) items.

Work Commitment:

All CSA participants have a work commitment, as a way to support the farm, foster education, and develop a sense of community and identification with the farm. For Weekly Sharers the work commitment is 10 hours for the season. For Alternate Week Sharers it is 5 hours for the season. Please consider working your hours early. If you know that you will not be able to complete your work requirement, you can “buy out” your hours when you enroll at a rate of $10/hour.  At the end of the CSA season (by October 31), NCF will bill sharers $10/hour for any unworked hours. This year we are asking CSA members to report their work hours online using this form.

Pick Up Days and Times:

CSA pick-ups take place at the farm in the first floor of the barn on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2-7 pm.  You do not need to sign up for a day.  You can choose each week which day you come.  If you can’t come, help bring new people to the farm by having a friend or neighbor pick up your share.  If you don’t have time for the PYO options during the week,  you are welcome to come back on Saturdays before 3 pm for those items.  NCF will donate any unclaimed shares to a local food pantry.

Sharing Your Share:

If you would like to split a CSA share with friends or neighbors that is fine with us.  Please be aware, however, that this is something you are doing on your own. The farm will have one person on record as the sharer.  That person will be financially responsible for payment and for completion of work hours (however you decide to divide this up).  When picking up your share either have only one party come each week, or if both parties come please be sure to come together to avoid taking more than your share’s worth of vegetables.

Fruit and Flower Share Programs:

In addition to our CSA program, we also offer a separate Fruit Share and Flower Share. Information on these programs, including enrollment forms and deadlines, will be available on our website by late spring for the Flower Share Program and mid-summer for the Fruit Share Program.