Our organization thrives due to the efforts of the Farm’s professional staff and the many volunteers, donors, and participants in the Newton Community Farm community.   In particular, the Farm’s leadership team provides the critical strategic thinking, oversight, and management that enables NCF to advance our mission each year.
INTERESTED IN JOINING THE LEADERSHIP TEAM?  See below for current opportunities.


Newton Community Farm is currently seeking people to assist our leadership team with Communications, Events, Fundraising, Buildings, Human Resources, and Special Projects.

If interested, contact volunteers@newtoncommunityfarm.org with an e-mail noting your name, interest, and information about yourself relevant to the work you are interested in doing.  Our Volunteer Coordinator will follow up with you in a timely way.


NCF’s Board of Directors consists of individuals with background, experience, and demonstrated leadership skills in the following areas (see portfolio descriptions below): agricultural operations, buildings, communications/media/marketing, education, events, finance, fundraising, non-profit governance, human resources, kitchen management, legal, and volunteer organizing.

Each board member:

  • serves for three years (terms start at annual meeting in February),
  • prepares for and attends monthly meetings,
  • contributes to the policy governance of the Farm, with a focus on long range and strategic issues,
  • ensures fiscal, legal and ethical integrity of  NCF,
  • may oversee a functional or program portfolio (see list below),
  • participates in NCF’s major events,
  • participates in NCF’s fundraising initiatives .

There are also non-board leadership opportunities for volunteers with expertise to advise the Board and/or lead special projects.   


Assists Farm Manager with review, evaluation, publicity, and implementation of key farm operations programs including community-supported agriculture, apple orchard, high school interns, field crew volunteers, produce donations, and produce sales.   Also assists with other issues affecting the farm’s operations.


Requires knowledge and expertise in building and facilities management, construction, engineering, architecture and/or project management to ensure NCF’s Building Committee develops and maintains NCF’s physical assets.   


Oversees NCF’s communications initiatives including social media,  newsletter, e-news to farm community, media outreach, website, brand management, and program/event PR.   Manage leadership team of program volunteers including Newsletter Editor, Assistant Newsletter Editor, Webmaster, Photographer, Video Producer, Graphic Designer, and Media Calendar Liaison.


Assists Director of Education with development, oversight, and evaluation of NCF’s youth education and adult outreach programs.  


Oversees planning and management of NCF’s major events including the annual Seedling Sale, Fall Festival, Dinner on the Farm, and other special events.   Recruits and directs key volunteer leaders for each event.  


NCF’s Treasurer provides oversight and management of the farm’s finances including payroll, cash management, budget development and monitoring, payables, tax reporting, and capital planning.   


Oversees planning and management of NCF’s fundraising initiatives including special events, annual appeals, donor outreach, and sponsorships.  Recruits and directs key volunteer leaders as necessary. 


All Board members participate in governance practices including periodic by-laws review, annual elections of officers and Board members, key staff evaluations and goal-setting.   Specific roles in this area include the President and Board Clerk (minutes, correspondence, Board member roster, other duties).


Assists President and advises Board on human resources policies and practices for NCF’s paid staff.


Oversees the use of the Farm’s kitchen in our refurbished barn, which is used as a community space.  This position requires a current ServSafe Manager certification to oversee kitchen use polices, practices, and compliance.


Provides advice to NCF’s Board on the legal aspects of the Farm’s operations and programs to ensure compliance with legal requirements and to support informed decision-making.


Organizes and manages NCF’s volunteer programs.  Assists Farm Manager with field work volunteer program, Education Director with community engagement, and Administrator and Events Coordinator with events volunteers.