NCF is a thriving farm thanks to a committed community of people who contribute their time, talents,  financial contributions, and support!   This community includes our:

–  talented staff team, including our Farm Manager (Greg Maslowe), Assistant Grower (Charlie Radoslovich), Farm Educator and Outreach Coordinator (Danielle White), Administrator and Events Coordinator (Emily Sorensen), and various part-time educators who lead specific programs.  See the Staff page for bios.

– working Board of Directors who oversee the governance of NCF and who work with staff and other key volunteers to lead committees and programs.  See Board of Directors page for bios.

– leadership volunteers who serve in key roles, such as our Newsletter Editor, Assistant Newsletter Editor, Webmaster, Photographer, Videographer, Volunteer Coordinator, and Committee Chairs.

– high school interns and cooking team members who contribute significantly to the success of NCF’s produce operations and our annual Dinner on the Farm event

– Angino Farm Commission members for providing oversight of NCF on behalf of the City of Newton

– many volunteers and contributors who give their time, talents, goods, and financial contributions to NCF throughout the year

– Ledgebrook community for supporting the farm in many ways.


We are also grateful to the community of more than a 1,000 supporters who attend our events and programs, buy food at our various venues, and who keep up with our farm news.   Thank you!