Ugly Vegetables

Written by LJCohen on July 29, 2015

At every board meeting Farmer Greg gives a short presentation about a farming topic. Last night the topic was “ugly vegetables,” and what they mean for the NCF. Ugly vegetables, like tomatoes that aren’t perfectly round or leaves of chard with a hole or two, are a byproduct of all farms. However for farms that practice some organic methods and rarely spray, the amount of veggies that don’t meet conventional standards of attractiveness can run as high as 50%.

Newton Community Farm loves to find the beauty in these “ugly” vegetables.  Heirloom varieties that are a little mishapen, carrots with a twist or two, and leaves with the occasional bite.  These imperfections represent food that is grown for taste and not for looks, and with minimal pesticides (or none at all).  And when produce is simply too ugly even for us?  Chicken feed!

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